Fast Drying Liquid Flowing Screed


Our fast drying flowing cement screed is made with a cement-based binder and specially formulated additives. It is pump applied due to its fluid consistency. This means that it is easier to lay, covering large surface areas in a day. It is also thinner than conventional screeds making it the natural choice for underfloor heating systems.

Installation times

Due to its self-compacting and fluid characteristics, large surface areas can be laid  in just one day – up to 500m2. Since it is a cement based screed; fast-track tile adhesives can be used on the screed. In non-heated floors; tiles can be applied after 5-days using the correct adhesive once the screed has hardened adequately. In heated floors tiles can be applied once the heating system has been commissioned fully.

Why use cement based screed over traditional screed solutions?

      • Does not require reinforcement
      • Does not curl
      • Doesn’t need as many construction joints
      • You don’t need to compact it
      • You don’t need to lay it at 75mm thick
      • You can specify strength classes of 20Nmm2 to 30Nmm2
      • It is delivered to site by truck mixer, ready-to-pump

Why Order Screed Floor Installation from Us?

We have many years’ experience in recommending and installing different screed products – we know the products and we can help you choose the right one for your project and your budget.

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