Thin Section 15mm or 20mm Extra Strength Liquid Screed

Low depth liquid flowing screeds are used when there is a need to raise the height of the floor but only by a small amount. 

 For very thin depths of 3 to 7mm latex screeds are generally used, but if an increase of 15 or 20mm is required the bagged latex option can be very expensive and a thin section liquid flowing screed is frequently more cost effective, however it does depend on the size of the area.

If the building is maintained at 20 Degrees C drying time for floor finishes is approximately 1mm per day so a 20mm deep screed will be ready in approximately 20 days however we would always recommend moisture testing the floor to ensure the RH is at the correct level for the installation of the next material.

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Midland Flooring can supply and install the thin section liquid flowing screed.